Romans 13:1-7

Also read: Titus 3:1-5, 1 Pet 2:13–17, Acts 5:25-42

  1. In the context of Romans 12:1-5 why might Paul feel obligated to speak to the issue of human rulers?
  2. Paul’s main point is made clear in verses 1, 2 and 5. Give his answer to this question: “If I’m a citizen of Heaven, why should I obey human rulers?”
  3. Someone might make a case that there are times when we have freedom to disregard government laws. Consider Nazi Germany. Read all these passages very carefully and state what you think specifically gives us leave to disregard government laws.
  4. How do we reconcile the understanding in verse 1 that God appoints all authority with Governments like North Korea and Nazi Germany?
  5. In verses 6-7, we are called to pay taxes tolls and to give honor and respect. Who and what specifically do you think falls into this command?
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