Saturday Facilitation Schedule

Below you’ll find the teaching schedule for Saturdays. If you have any questions, please ask.
Facilitators are responsible to come ready to share a brief encouragement from God’s Word and then to serve the body by leading the church family in a discussion. Facilitators are not limited to lead by way of discussion, if they are led to serve the body through a sermon or teaching, this is welcomed, so long as the heart of the facilitator is set to serve others. All facilitators should be respectful of the church elders (Jason & Robert) should they step in to correct or redirect. Thank you for your participation.

Jan. 7Matt. 1-5Jason
Jan. 14Matt. 6-10Nathan
Jan. 21Matt. 11-15Rich
Jan. 28Matt. 16-20Robert
Feb. 4Matt.21-25Colin
Feb. 11Matt. 26-28 Rom. 1-2Jason
Feb. 18Rom.3-7Nathan
Feb. 25Rom. 8-12Rich
Mar. 4Rom. 13-16 & 1Cor. 1Robert
Mar. 111Cor. 2-6Colin
Mar. 181Cor. 7-11Jason
Mar. 251Cor. 12-16Nathan
Apr. 12Cor. 1-5Rich
Apr. 82Cor. 6-10Robert
Apr. 152Cor. 11-13 & Luke 1-2Jason
Apr. 22Luke 3-7Colin
Apr. 29Luke 8-12Nathan
May 6Luke 13-17Rich
May 13Luke 18-22Robert
May 20Luke 23-23 & Acts 1-3Colin
May 27Acts 4-8Jason
June 3Act 9-13Nathan
June 10Acts 14-18Rich
June 17Acts 19-23Robert
June 24Acts 24-27Colin