– Let’s keep brainstorming some ways we can be helping out our community during this time, with the lockdown AND the tornadoes.

– If anyone would like to send a note to Elizabeth in Kenya, Rachel is emailing them. Please get them to her by the 20th (that’s this Monday)!

– Please keep those we support in your prayers: the White Dove Home in Burma, Pastors Marrero and Labrada in Cuba, Sergio in Bolivia, Elizabeth in Kenya, and our other missionaries – the Hicks, the Killars, Great Harvest Bible College, and others that I’m probably forgetting… 

– Recently Vision Beyond Borders was able to deliver over 200 Bibles to a closed Central American country. Praise Jesus!

– Natalie has an update to read from our friends in Asia!

– Ashton was able to send a gift to Great Harvest Bible College and they took the money and supplied 85 families in a begging community with rice and a few other things. Praise Jesus!




– Please keep Anne Schafer in prayer as she continues to prepare for serving long-term in SE Asia. Also keep her family in prayer as her brother recently committed suicide.

Updated on May 23, 2020